Implementing work-based learning into a new educational context


Delivery options  Asynchronous
Blended 12 Week PD + 6 Week VWBL Pilot 1 – 1/2 hrs. per week 1 hr. every other
week (virtual)
Blended 6 Week PD + 6 Week VWBL Pilot 2 – 3 hrs. per week 1hr every week

NOTE: We’re happy to be flexible with the delivery mode and possibly even consider in-person sessions down the road.


Implementing WBL into a new educational context


Program Synopsis & Learning Outcomes

Unit synopsis

Work-based learning provides students with the opportunity for, career exploration, building a professional network and skill development. Although work-based learning is designed with these goals and objectives in focus, research shows that they are not always achieved in practice. The ability of a work-based learning program to provide these opportunities to students is dependent on the design of the intervention and key decision made when implementing it in a classroom. And, the efficacy of the design and implementation decisions is depended on how it is facilitated by the teacher.

This learning program will step teachers through the process of learning about work-based learning design, reflect on their personal teaching practice and the potential tensions between the two. Each activity will shed light on a key implementation decision, providing teachers a chance to examine the context and make implementation decisions with intention.

At the end of this course teachers will have a greater understanding of the mechanics that make work-based learning successful, their own teaching practice and a detailed implementation and evaluation plan for adding work-based learning to their classroom.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand work-based learning design and its objectives
2. Reflect on your beliefs and practices and how they impact implementation decisions
3. Use knowledge about work-based learning and personal teaching practice to make design decisions.
4. Create an implementation plan for embedding work-based learning into your classroom
5. Evaluate a work-based learning implementation and identify design and facilitation changes.


Course Deliverables

Deliverable  Description  Learning Outcomes Feedback
Reflection: Work-based learning & my teaching practice Learners will reflect on work-based learning designs and underlying philosophy and compare and contrast it to their belief’s and approach to teaching. 1,2 Peers
Design Decisions A design document that outlines key design decisions that will drive the implementation and facilitation of work-based learning in your classroom. 3 Peers
Implementation Plan A resources map and implementation plan for implementing a pilot work-based learning program in your classroom. 4 Peers
Evaluation Plan A template for using data to evaluate work-based learning programs and identifying design and facilitation changes that could improve outcomes. 5 Peers

Program Structure

Module Topic Description Deliverables Community of Practice Session (1hr/module)
1 Orientation: Syllabus, Personal Goals Course Overview and Introductions  Goals & Objectives Program Launch, Overview and Introductions
2 Why?: Work-based learning 101 Understand the intention behind work-based learning interventions  WBL 101
3 How?: Work-based learning Design Mechanics Unpack the mechanics that underpin the work-based learning designs and how they achieve the intention. Reflection: Work-based learning & My Teaching Practice Virtual Team Project Simulation
4 Who?: Teacher Identity, Perspectives and Behaviors Explore your beliefs about learning and teaching and how they impact the way you implement work-based learning into your classroom Practera Dashboard Training
5 When?: Learning Centered Design & Facilitation Consider where students are in their educational journey when they come to your work-based learning and how to consider this in your implementation decisions. Design Decisions Document Learner Persona Canvas
6 What?: Implementation Planning & Evaluation Plan your pilot implementation and
evaluation process.
Implementation Plan Evaluation Plan Industry Partner Recruitment Bootcamp
7 VWBL Pilot Coaching through your first VWBL pilot with your students Peer Coaching Sessions

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